Teens in CoVid Times

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CoVid has been hard on all of us.  From masked little ones and their stressed parents, to isolated elders, this virus has challenged us to the core. We are heavily wired as a species to seek connection for survival, protection, community and emotional support. We’re also designed to be absolutely great in situations involving short-term stress and danger. Long term scenarios, not so much. Long term stress coupled with human… Read More »Teens in CoVid Times

Dr. Lucie is quoted in the New York Times

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Lucie Hemmen, author of “The Teen Girl’s Anxiety Survival Guide. ” was quoted in a recent discussion with Sadie Radinsky, author of “Whole Girl: Live Vibrantly, Love Your Entire Self, and Make Friends with Food” in an article Sadie wrote for the New York Times. The recent New York Times article, Baking as a Mindful Break From Zoom School quotes Dr. Lucie as they discussed our culture’s tension around eating,… Read More »Dr. Lucie is quoted in the New York Times