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Welcome to Dr. Lucie's Website

Dr. Lucie Hemmen, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with adults, young adults, teens, and couples. Dr. Lucie specializes in parenting, anxiety, teenagers and young adults, and has written three books: Parenting a Teen Girl, The Teen Girl Survival Guide, and The Teen Girl Anxiety Survival Guide.

Dr. Lucie has a private practice located in Santa Cruz, CA, and is currently working on creating course offerings to make her psychology services accessible to all.

“Hi there! I’m Dr. Lucie - a psychologist and author who has been working with teens and their parents for over 25 years. In response to the rising demand from parents who need guidance in supporting their anxious teens, I created a course that integrates my experience with current knowledge of how to best treat anxiety.

This course is comprised of six modules that include the need to know of teen anxiety as well as tangible tips parents can activate right away to become optimal support for their teenagers. I want this course to be accessible for as many people as possible, which is why it’s priced at less than the cost of one therapy session.

The good news is that anxiety is incredibly treatable! I am confident that by learning the content in this course, you will feel more confident in supporting your teen.”

“Therapy can feel like combing through emotional tangles leading to a freeing of life force energy previously experienced as heaviness. Becoming excellent at noticing, honoring, and working with emotions connects people better with themselves, with other people, and with life itself.” - Lucie


Adults come to therapy for all kinds of reasons: a life transition, challenge, or loss, a new beginning, or a pattern that just no longer serves. With the external world keeping most adults moving as fast as they can to keep up, therapy offers a place to slow down and reflect; to think and feel deeply about one’s life.

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If it seems like being a teen is harder than it used to be, it is! Teens today are faced with pressures previous generations never experienced and it takes a toll. Dr. Lucie values creating space for teens to unpack their lives, learn deeply about themselves, and create solid coping skills that support them into adulthood.

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Within our intimate relationships, we experience our greatest fulfillment as well as our greatest challenges. Dr. Lucie enjoys helping couples create skills to deeply speak, listen, and connect with one another. Whether couples come to therapy because of a crisis in the relationship or whether they come with a desire to dismantle patterns that no longer work, most couples benefit from giving their relationship a special time and space for contemplation.

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Conveniently Located

Conveniently located In the heart of Santa Cruz, CA. The Branciforte Plaza is a historic landmark, known for it's spectacular architecture and delightful gardens.


“I cannot begin to describe what Lucie has done for me; I would go so far as to say she saved my life. Her compassion, kindness, and therapeutic genius pulled me from the depths of depression into a life in which I feel free, happy, and able to control my emotions.”

Adriana B. 

Santa Cruz, CA.

“Dr. Lucie Hemmen has a gift for working with teens.  We began consulting with her when our children were young adolescents, and she provided excellent advice. I am not given to hyperbole, but I must say that Lucie's support and wisdom were invaluable.


Santa Cruz, CA.

"Every interaction I've ever had with Lucie has uplifted my spirit and soothed my soul. The wisdom she offers is truly priceless. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity on their journey through life!!!"

Andrea H.

Santa Cruz, CA.

“When I was in crisis, I always got the feeling she did everything in her power to accommodate me and care for me.  She wanted to hear my goals for therapy and tracked them throughout making sure I was getting what I wanted. I feel great and grateful and would recommend Lucie as the go-to psychologist for anyone wanting help.”

Cali S. 

Santa Cruz, CA.

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