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I teamed up with my 23-year-old daughter Daisy to create a fast and friendly curriculum to support parents in the many challenges they face parenting a teen with anxiety. Combining education with actionable skills, you will learn:

  • More about what’s going on to create the sharp rise in teen anxiety
  • Ways to position yourself as a useful and informed support and ally, so your teen identifies you as a resource
  • What emotional regulation and emotional co-regulation are, and how you can be the best co-regulator possible
  • How to use the “reframe” technique to change the way you and your teen regard and respond to anxiety – which leads to a “rewiring” of the anxiety response  
  • How to work with a teen’s avoidance response, because avoidance – while understandable – becomes a problematic coping response that actually makes anxiety worse
  • How to use grounding techniques that activate a calming state in the nervous system, to soothe anxiety and rewire the anxious brain  
  • How to be the guardian of your teen’s healthy academic mindset, because academic stress is a leading cause of anxiety among teens


Because integrating and modeling information is the best way to teach it, parents will find themselves feeling calmer too!

Here are just a few of the countless life changing testimonials:

“I cannot begin to describe what Lucie has done for me; I would go so far as to say she saved my life. Her compassion, kindness, and therapeutic genius pulled me from the depths of depression into a life in which I feel free, happy, and able to control my emotions.”

Adriana B. 

Santa Cruz, CA.

“Dr. Lucie Hemmen has a gift for working with teens.  We began consulting with her when our children were young adolescents, and she provided excellent advice. I am not given to hyperbole, but I must say that Lucie's support and wisdom were invaluable.


Santa Cruz, CA.

"Every interaction I've ever had with Lucie has uplifted my spirit and soothed my soul. The wisdom she offers is truly priceless. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity on their journey through life!!!"

Andrea H.

Santa Cruz, CA.

“When I was in crisis, I always got the feeling she did everything in her power to accommodate me and care for me.  She wanted to hear my goals for therapy and tracked them throughout making sure I was getting what I wanted. I feel great and grateful and would recommend Lucie as the go-to psychologist for anyone wanting help.”

Cali S. 

Santa Cruz, CA.

Who is Dr. Lucie?

Dr. Lucie Hemmen, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with adults, young adults, teens, and couples. Dr. Lucie specializes in parenting, anxiety, teenagers and young adults, and has written three books: Parenting a Teen Girl, The Teen Girl Survival Guide, and The Teen Girl Anxiety Survival Guide.

Dr. Lucie has a private practice located in Santa Cruz, CA, and is currently working on creating course offerings to make her psychology services accessible to all.

Below are just some of the many places you've seen Dr. Lucie!

The Steve Harvey Show – May 29, 2013, ABC.

“Julie from the The Steve Harvey Show in Chicago called me in California: ‘We’re looking for a national expert on teen girls and it looks like that’s you, Dr. Lucie. You would be our guest psychologist and interact with teen girls and their mothers.’ Can you fly to NBC in Chicago tomorrow to tape a segment on an upcoming show entitled ‘Is Fourteen is the New Eighteen?’? Needless to say, I flew!”

Watch the episode on YouTube


Maureen Langan Show on KGO   

In her San Francisco interview, Dr. Lucie was asked to comment on a tragic story that sparked national attention when a teen girl committed suicide following an alleged sexual attack, images of which were then shared electronically.

Click Here to Listen to the Program

Psychology Today

On Dr. Lucie’s blog, she addresses common and timely topics on PsychologyToday.com where she is listed as an expert on teen girls. Popular posts include articles on stressed out girls, cutting, cell phone problems, how to talk to teens, body image, achievement stress, cutting, teen age depression, and cultivating happiness.

Teen Girls: A Crash Course

New Harbinger Publications

In a new video series produced by New Harbinger Publications, Dr. Lucie Hemmen and her daughter, Marley, discuss five topics affecting teen girls and their parents. Click on the links below to view each video on the New Harbinger YouTube Channel.

Parenting a Teen Girl and Chores
Parenting a Teen Girl and Communication
Parenting a Teen Girl and Curfews
Parenting a Teen Girl and Drugs and Alcohol
Parenting a Teen Girl and Clothing and Body Image